Zachary Cahill's New Publication: The Black Flame of Paradise

Congratulations to Zachary Cahill whose first novel “The Black Flame of Paradise” has been published by Mousse Magazine this September 2018.

“The Black Flame of Paradise is a non-religious experience of religion... its fire is dazzling. Beyond all redemption and all actual and authentic memories, there is room for generosity, hope, and beauty.”—from the preface by Catherine Malabou

“Over the past decade Zachary Cahill has explored nation building and religion through USSA. The Black Flame of Paradise brings this project to the dimension of writing with a poignant and timely debut novel. At once critical and exuberant, Cahill deftly weaves together personal narrative, and social commentary into relevant and illuminating images and structures.”—Sarah Ganz Blythe

Available for purchase here.